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Band Infos

Ideally as a vector graphics file in EPS, SVG, AI, PDF format.
If pixel graphics (JPG, PNG, etc.), at least 600x600 pixels.
Pixel graphics (JPG, PNG), at least 1000x500 pixels.

If you don’t have any Tech- oder Stagerider

Put the following informations in a document, e.g. Microsoft Word:

  • Members How many people, your names, which instruments, number of vocalists, number of channels
  • Stage Plan Location of everybody on the stage, as a graphic with rectangles and circles
  • Channel Plan which channels do you need on the mixer, which instruments are assigned to them
  • Power Supply if you need power outlets
  • Other e.g. needed effects, monitors
  • Contact Person someone who can answer us technical question

Contract Partner and Contact Person


Some concerts are hosted by JAM – Jugend- & Kulturzentrum Selb instead of Selber Jungbrunnen. In these cases we have to pay you by bank transfer. Therefore we need you bank account information. This information is not required.
Move the slider in the direction of the wanted drinks (total right is only non-alcoholic beverages).